Term and Condition

Charges & Rates

Low Season
Per day per cat
RM 10 (3rd day onward RM 8)
Eg: 4 days of stay = (RM10 x 2) + (RM8 x 2) = RM36

Peak Season
Per day per cat
RM 12 (Flat rate everyday)
Eg: 4 days of stay = RM12 x 4 = RM48

Deposit 50% required
Cancellation fee applies in case of any cancellation


Arrivals, Departures & Holiday Periods

Operating Hour
Monday - Friday (10am-6pm), Saturday - Sunday (10pm-2pm)

Check-in Time
Pet guests are welcome to check in at any time during our lobby hours; please note that our lobby is closed on all major holidays.

Check-out Time
Pet guests may be checked out at any time during our lobby hours; please note that our lobby is closed on all major holidays. We do have pet care staff working behind the scenes after our lobby is closed. However, these staff members are responsible for animal care only and are not authorized to open our doors or check out pet guests after the lobby is closed.

Early Check-in or Late Check-out
If you need to pick up your pet earlier than our scheduled lobby opening time or after our scheduled lobby closing time, you may make special arrangements subject to staff availability. Early check-ins or late check-outs will be billed at a rate of RM20.00 per hour, with a RM20.00 minimum. We will do our best to accommodate your travel schedule, however we do require as much advance notice as possible.

When You & Your Pet Arrive
All cats must be in a ventilated cat carrier, for their safety and the safety of our other pet guests.

Peak Holiday Policies
During the peak pet boarding dates listed below, a minimum stay requirement will apply to any reservation where your pet stays with us on any of the dates shown below. Because demand is extremely high during these peak periods, a NON-refundable deposit equal to two nights (based on the suite type selected) will be due, and your credit card will be charged, at the time of booking. The following periods are considered “peak boarding dates”; our pet resort will fill for these dates well in advance, so please make your boarding reservations early:

Month Holiday Period Minimum # of nights
May Labor Day & nearest weekend 3
December Christmas & nearest weekend 3
December/January New Year’s Eve/Day & nearest weekend 3


Pet Boarding Restrictions

Kittens: Animals must be at least 4 months of age to board at our pet resort, since they cannot be fully vaccinated until this age. Once at least 4 months old, we'd love your little one to come and stay with us! Boarding young pets is a great way to accustom them to a variety of sights, sounds and experiences and will make their future pet boarding experience much more familiar and enjoyable.

Older Pets: We do not place an upper age limit on boarding pets, but we ask that you consider your geriatric pet’s unique personality and special needs. Some geriatric pets have a more difficult time being away from their family.

Pets We Can’t Board:

  • Aggressive or Feral Animals: We all know a “crabby” pet or two who might not like every person or every other animal they meet but who is generally safe to handle or be around. These pets can usually be boarded with little difficulty. However, we are unable to board pets that are truly dangerous, feral (“wild”), or have had little socialization and may react with aggression when frightened. The safety of our pet care staff, your pet, and our other pet guests is our first priority. If upon check-in we determine that we are unable to safely handle and care for your pet, we will let you know so that you can make alternate pet boarding arrangements. If you are unsure of your pet’s temperament and feel he or she might be aggressive, we recommend contacting us in advance to schedule a time to bring your pet in for a brief assessment. This “meet and greet” will give us a better idea of whether Mummy Pets Resort is the right option for your pet. Any cats who do stay with us who are aggressive toward other cats may not participate in cats day care or other group activities with pets outside of their own family.
  • Females who are pregnant or in heat: Females cats who are pregnant should be boarded at a veterinary clinic in the event that they go into labor and need medical intervention or care during the delivery. Females pets who are in heat are not accepted; our male pet guests can detect females in heat from long distances away and can become highly agitated, resulting in a less-than-calm resort experience for all our other pet guests.
  • Pets recuperating from recent invasive medical procedures: Your veterinarian is the best place for your pet to stay following any invasive medical procedure that took place within the last 10 days.
  • Pets with serious medical conditions or pets that require frequent veterinary attention: Such conditions include pets with frequent, uncontrolled seizures; pets suffering from debilitating paralysis; or pets with serious cardiac, kidney or liver disorders. Pets with these conditions are best boarded with your veterinarian.
  • Pets who are exhibiting signs of, or who have recently been diagnosed with, contagious disease, including cats who have been diagnosed with Panleukopenia within the past 6 months, or pets who have exhibited signs of URI or canine "kennel" cough within the past 2 weeks.
  • Pets with severe separation anxiety: Animals who experience the equivalent of “panic attacks,” highly destructive behavior, etc., when left alone do not do well in a pet boarding situation.


Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

Getting Ready for Your Pet's Resort Stay
Just like children (and their parents!) who are nervous parting ways during that first school day, some pets and their parents, too, can be a bit nervous at drop-off time. We’d like to help your pet acclimate to the experience so, if possible, we suggest that within the two weeks prior to your pet’s stay you stop by with him during business hours “just for fun.” Come in with your pet on an “acclimation visit” as often as you like. We’ll make the experience special by giving him a yummy treat or a nice belly rub, which will help him associate the pet resort with fabulous things. Having already been here, even for a few minutes, will help your pet remember the experience in a positive light – he came here with you, got a snack and some attention, and went back home with you, too – all is well with the world. Socializing your pet and helping him experience new people and places is a great way to help him remain relaxed, comfortable and eager to try new things throughout his life.

Pet Bedding, Toys and Comfort Items
We want your pet to feel comfortable and secure while staying with us, therefore you may supply your pet’s personal bedding (no oversized beds or comforters, please); pet bedding must be labeled with a permanent marker with the guest’s first and last name. When your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings she may chew things she would not ordinarily chew at home. Any bedding item or toy that becomes too damaged or that we believe may pose a hazard to your pet may be removed at the sole discretion of our pet care staff. You may also supply up to two pet toys or comfort items for her to enjoy. The items must be washable, be suited to your pet’s size, and may not pose an obvious choking hazard. To avoid the potential for rapid or inappropriate consumption, these items are not allowed.

Pet Meals from Home
We proudly serve a "IAMS" for cats. And, at no additional charge, we will feed your own dry (if pre-portioned in plastic sealed sandwich bags) or canned pet food instead. We will gladly feed other specialty diets, subject to certain guidelines and limitations, for an extra fee. Pet room service is delivered each morning and during the late afternoon/early evening hours. If your pet is accustomed to a mid-day meal, we will gladly serve her a third meal around noon for an additional RM4.00 per day.


Pet Vaccines & Medical Info

Pet Vaccinations
The safety of our canine guests and feline guests is our first priority; therefore, we require that all pets staying with us be current on the vaccinations listed below. Pet vaccinations should be administered at least 7 days prior to arrival by a licensed veterinarian - we are unable to accept home-administered pet vaccinations. Written proof of current pet vaccines must be received by Mummy Pets Resort at least 72 hours prior to check-in.

Pet vaccines must be administered at least 7 days prior to check-in, and proof of pet vaccination should be sent to us via e-mail or fax at least 3 days prior to pet resort check-in.

Medical Information
Medical Emergencies: When you check your pet in at our pet resort, we ask that you give us the name and contact information of your personal veterinarian and provide us with your preferences regarding veterinary care for your pet during your absence. If a medical problem occurs with your pet, we will first attempt to contact you and get your pet in to see your own vet, if located within 8 miles of the resort; if unavailable, or if the situation is critical, we will take your pet to a nearby veterinarian or to the nearest emergency clinic. All charges for veterinary care and transportation will be your responsibility.

Emergency Contact: While you’re away, please provide us with the phone number where you can be reached if an emergency arises. We will also ask that you provide us with a second and third back-up contact if after reasonable efforts we are unable to reach you. One of these individuals must be a person you trust, who will be in the local area while you are away, and who you will authorize to make decisions for you about your pet if you cannot be reached. Your pet is a member of your family and we honor this relationship – it’s critical that we be able to reach you or your designee quickly, should an emergency arise. If we are unable to reach you or your designee, we will use our best judgment and act in the best interest of your pet, as if your pet were ours.